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  • meat product (pork, beef, poultry)
    FROZEN MEAT (Variety of by-products of pork, poultry, beef) Considering the particular demand of our target market, we specialize in by-products of the meat-sector. To give you an idea, pork-feet, -bones,-ribs; chicken-backs or -wings, but also beef- offal and -feet are just a small taste of our portfolio. For further products kindly ask in practice.
  • fish (pelagic as well as aquafarmed)
    FROZEN FISH (Midwater pelagic as well as aquafarmed) Our steady growing network offers our customers direct access to producers worldwide. So, if your domestic market calls for Yellow Croaker or Pargo from South America or maybe Horse Mackerel from Europe or even species like Tilapia and Pangasius from Asia, do not hesitate to contact us!
  • eggs (brown & white)
    FRESH EGGS (Brown & White) If you are looking for EGGS – brown or white – size „S“ „M“ or „L“, from Europe, Mexico or a different origin, we can assist and await your concrete requirements!
  • dairy products (UHT milk, joghurt)
    DAIRY PRODUCTS: Milk powder as well as UHT Milk are examples of products you can work with in the complex climate- zones of Africa. We connect you with the sought after and well established brands.
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